News Archive 2008

16 October 2008
If you're in the Bay Area, please come to the Wonderfest at Stanford and Berkeley the weekend of November 1-2. It's the 10th Annual San Francisco Bay Area Festival of Science and there will be talks on physics, statistics, biochemistry, astronomy and a Klein bottle trophy. The Particle Zoo will be attending and vending all weekend, so stop and by and say hi! (and it's free!) We'll have a table of selected particles for sale Saturday in Stanford from 4-7 pm and Sunday in Berkeley from 11:30-2:30 pm.

18 September 2008
I'm sewing like mad to get the flood of orders done. Between my recent Higgs sale, the LHC being in the public eye, two magazine reviews coming out at the same time and being Boinged, it's never been busier at the Zoo! So bear with me.

This has nothing to do with The Particle Zoo, but but since it involves some scientific experimentation and something cute, I'll post it:
my cat Squeaky has been invited to be on local Los Angeles TV.

2 September 2008

Particles for Animals: Donate to the Farm Sanctuary Walk for Animals.
I'll be walking in Santa Monica September 27. Particles heart animals of all kinds and sizes.

5 August 2008
Article in The Denver Post!

2 August 2008
The particles get a thumbs-up in Nature magazine (UK).

28 July 2008
Thanks to the nice people at CERN, the particles were given to the Nobel laureates in physics at the Lindau, Germany
conference earlier this month. I couldn't be more honored. Photo gallery

Nobel winners David Gross and George Smoot pose with their particles in Lindau.

22 July 2008
No decent website is complete without a blog, right? Here is the new Particle Zoo blog.

11 July 2008
We're off to San Francisco to peddle the particles at the fair. The first batch of orders from the blogstorm will be shipping today, finally! Whew...Thanks to all my friends (and some neighbors) for working at the particle production studio the past 10 days.

6 July 2008
blogstorm continues:

3 July 2008
From Prof. Dr. David Gross in his lecture at the Lindau Nobel laureate meeting
on July 3, 2008, on hopes for the Large Hadron Collider:

"The discovery of supersymmetry... that is the discovery of quantum dimensions of spacetime. We will be
observing–as we always do–using both our eyes and our minds, new quantum dimensions of space and time.
We have a wonderful theory of elementary particles, but the best is yet to come."

1 July 2008

oh gizmo!
everything below $29.99

25 June 2008

I am excited to announce Seed magazine reviewed The Particle Zoo in the new July/August 2008 issue (#17). My only regret is that they ordered particles in February so the ones pictured are old old old and "not my best work" but I'm overjoyed nonetheless! Please notice a down quark in their photographic collage on the facing page to the contents. I never knew that my interest in space and physics would lead endless days and nights of ironing and sewing. Click each for larger.

24 June 2008

The particles are reviewed in Plastic and Plush Designer Toy News and Reviews.