Big Proton with Mini Quarks and Gluon

The Particle Zoo


BIG PROTON with zip-up pouch containing 3 removable mini Quarks and 1 mini Gluon. This 7" diameter (20 cm) Neutron pouch unzips to reveal 3 mini Quarks (up, up, down) and one mini Gluon inside. Take the Quarks and Gluon out, put them back in—however you like to play! Not to scale of course. If the Quarks were to scale with respect to the 7" Proton, they would be a mere 1.77 microns wide. We couldn't sew them that small, so we just made them a little smaller than the regular subatomic plushes.

Approximately 10 oz (283 gm); 7 inches across (20 cm).
Ages 5 and up.