Customer images

Professor Peter Higgs holds his own Higgs boson. Many thanks to Jennifer Harding-Edgar of Edinburgh for providing this photo of Higgs with his Higgs:
"Professor Higgs loves his boson, he will use it as a paperweight."
I'm delighted to supply him a boson so his papers will be secured down and not flying around the room.


From Lisa S:
"I am loving the Particle Zoo!  This weekend I built a see-saw for them so we can display them just  outside our clean room at work."


My 7 year old is a big fan of yours. He draws stories about the particles and a few days ago, made himself a mashup Particle Transformers t-shirt. The Higgs Boson transforms into a jet plane.
Rachel H.



JAN 2016
Prototypes for my upcoming line of astrophysics toys called Fabric of Spacetime. Columbus, Ohio's Center of Science and Industry (COSI) got to showcase them at their physics outreach event.

A happy customer from Krasnodar, Russia.


Particles in the classroom in the Netherlands.

Somebody made particle cupcakes in 2010. Yum!


This is what the particle ornaments look like adorning a Christmas tree! Available every holiday season starting in November.

Particle Zoo inspiration for a classroom science project in Virginia.

Particles in the Fitzroy North, Australia high school physics classroom.


This group of UK science students named themselves the "Strange Quarks" and used strange quarks as their mascot.



A group of students made souvenir t-shirts of their snowboarding adventure in the Alps. Each person was a different particle.


APR 2012
Charm Quark signed by one of its very own discoverers, John Iliopoulous.


Particles on Christmas morning make for happy kids.


FEB 2009
Higgs boson spotted at Fermilab! Special thanks to Heidi Schellman for discovering the Higgs boson right there in the Fermilab D0 Control Room. He was found reading Symmetry Magazine, presumably to brush up on what the press has been saying about him.

What a great end of year idea. Look at these yummy cupcakes Mya made for her class and teachers.