PZ used in science and education

MAR 2017
Kids in Leeds, UK learning all about subatomic particles with the help of The Particle Zoo


JAN/FEB 2017
The Queensland Museum in Brisbane, Australia is featuring the exhibit Hadron Collider: Step Inside the World's Greatest Experiment. Particle Zoo plushes and buttons are for sale in the gift shop. Check it out!

NOV 2016
The Particle Zoo designs were animated to illustrate the public talk by Pauline Gagnon at the planetarium at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco for her lecture "Who Cares About Particle Physics?"

Scientific American used my Beta-Decay in their 60-Second Science video series entitled Quantum Cuteness.



JUL 2016
Université Paris Diderot's online course on gravity uses my Proton in their storyline for physics education.


DEC 2013
I attended a lecture at Cal-Tech by famed physicist Murray Gell-Mann on the 50th Anniversary of the discovery of the quark. Naturally, I had to bring him a Quark 6-pack gift bag. I think he liked it ..? :o)


NOV 2013
My Proton is used as the main character in the Deutsches Museum exhibit "Wolfgang Paul: The Particle Catcher" in Bonn, Germany.


MAY 2012
CERN Neutralino Comes Back From Trip to Outer Space. Read more about the particle that went into outer space here.

JUN 2011
The Particle Zoo toys were used in the Science Slam tournament, Max Planck Institute, Germany. SEE GALLERY

Photo: A. Griesch/Max Planck Institute for Physics


APR 2011
The particles were sent to Medellin, Colombia to adorn the Fractal '11 sci-fi/tech event.


JUN 2010
Big Proton and Big Neutron ingeniously turned into mobiles at Central Sussex College, UK.


FEB 2010
Higgs toy makes appearance at 2010 Sakurai prize for theoretical physics.
And shows up in the slide lecture.  SEE GALLERY


DEC 2009,
Several Universe-in-a-Boxes and other particles flew to Tokyo, Japan to be a part of the Sorahaku particle physics exhibit and store.


SEP 2009
Fermilab's Symmetry Magazine publishes a story about my tour and visit there


JUL 2009
Julie and The Particle Zoo visit Fermilab and end up in all sorts of underground places. See Flickr gallery


JUN 2009
The CERN Bulletin & CERN Courier publish stories on The Particle Zoo. What an honor!


MAY 2009
Julie and The Particle Zoo fly to Switzerland to visit CERN! See the Flickr gallery for photos and movies of my visit to CERN.

Proton at the Control Centre

MAY 2009
Watch the particles in action at CERN in the Swiss video "
Einstein unterwegs" which aired 26 Feb 2009. Physicist Angela Buechler goes underground at the LHCb and uses the particles to explain what is happening there. The whole video is interesting (even if you don't understand German) and the particles show up at 6:25.(scroll down)

MAY 2009
The three neutrinos hanging out at SNOLAB in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. And very happy to be there, judging from the smiles on their faces.  


APR 2009
"Dark Matter discovered at SNOLAB" say Samantha Kuula, Education Outreach Officer for the physics lab located 6,800 feet underground. She has discovered Dark Matter hanging out in the PICASSO experiment. A triumph for science! 


APR 2009
James Colom and James Cram, particle physics students from Birmingham University in the UK, took the Higgs and Dark Matter around CERN on a recent visit. See gallery


MAR 2009
The Bootham School in York, U.K. uses particles in a physics department display. Thanks for Paul Burton, Chair of Science at Bootham School.