Custom particles

I have done many custom requests for specific particles, real, theoretical or made-up/in joke. I can accommodate almost any idea - don't be afraid to ask for what you want! Pricing depends on complexity and quantity. I can usually work out a quote in a couple of days.

BELOW: Axion, chargino, lambda/antilambda, big Top/Bottom Quark reversible with minis, leptoquark, sterile neutrino, photino, big Strange B Meson with minis, Aether Field with mini photon, SLAC laser photon, dark energy, X boson, exciton + hole, custom brane.

Not shown: Majorana fermion, alpha particles, anti-selectron, SUSY, Big Kaon, continuous spin particles, Hagen boson, helium atom set, selectron, spositron, W boson prime, Z boson prime, dark pion, dilaton, gluino, Higgsino, jets, Jpsi, polariton, unparticle, 


I have done custom particles as wedding favors including mini charm quarks, custom labels (see below) and wedding cake toppers. Please inquire about this unique idea for a particle physics themed wedding (yes, the brides and grooms were physicists). 


In any case, you have to know that everybody like them and even some of our physics friends asked for more. Once again, we want to thank you helping us in this, it contributed to one of the best day of our life.
Alice and Vincent R. (France)

I wanted to thank you so much for making the cake toppers; they were absolutely wonderful, and a real hit.
Stephanie F.