Shipping and FAQ

Please allow more time for The Whole Zoo, Standard Model Plus, Universe-In-A-Box and other large orders.

We ship at the beginning and end of each week. YOUR PACKAGE WILL BE SHIPPED AFTER 2-3 BUSINESS DAYS TO ALLOW FOR PROCESSING AND BACKLOG OF ORDERS TO ENSURE ORDERS ARE SHIPPED IN THE ORDER THEY ARE RECEIVED. Depending on backlog, it may take more than 2-3 days to process an order. 

Following the postal rates, shipping is determined by total weight of order. Domestically, we ship First Class Mail unless your parcel is over 13 ounces, then it automatically goes Priority Mail. Either way, this service generally takes about 2-4 days depending on how far you are from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

For international shipping we generally use the most economical service: First Class International Mail (6-21 days depending on country). Orders weighing over 4 lbs (1.8 kg) are shipped Priority International Mail (6-10 days). If you require quicker international service, choose Express International Mail (about 3-5 days). This express service is most applicable to major cities or towns.

These plushies are not safety rated for children under 5 years of age as they have small, glued/sewed-on parts and some are filled with pellets and aquarium gravel (small pieces).

The particles are not machine washable but can be touched up with a wet cloth or sponge if they get dirty. They are novelty toys and not for children under 5 years of age. I wouldn't bounce around the heavy particles too much, the gravel can get a bit sandy with heavy use. Don't pull on the eyes and please don't give them to your dogs (unless you want tiny plastic balls all over your floor).

The Particle Zoo is not responsible for any import duties or customs charges your country imposes. International orderers, please be informed that larger orders will probably incur a duty (especially in UK, Germany and Canada). The Particle Zoo does NOT pay for customs charges.

We ship to any country the U.S. post office allows, but have had problems with delays to Italy and Lithuania, and no-shows to Brazil so please order at your own risk or inquire about a Registered Mail. Sorry, we DO NOT ship to Indonesia, India, China, Malaysia or Thailand. We DO ship to Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

We highly encourage Registered Mail when shipping to Brazil or other South American countries. It is available for $12.95. Please email to request it. Shipping is available to Mexico only via FedEx or UPS only. Please inquire to arrange special shipping.

Particle plushies may vary ever so slightly from the picture because they are handmade items. Colors and fabric may vary with material availability.

Particle weights vary according to their properties. The Dark Matter, Top Quark and W boson, for example, are the heaviest, as they are stuffed with polished aquarium gravel. The massless bosons are the lightest—they are stuffed with polyester stuffing. The Muon, a middleweight (very loosely speaking), is stuffed with poly pellets. I tried to make the Tachyon completely massless but I'm still waiting for him to return from the past (future?) to find out if it worked.

Add a greeting card. We can hand-write a short message in the card for free.

Each particle comes with a small explanatory paper tag describing its properties.

Rush orders are sometimes available, please inquire. This is dependent on the current backlog of orders pending. Domestic expedited shipping goes via U.S. Express Mail (1-2 days).