B Mesons

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The B MESON consist of a combination of Up Quarks, Down Quarks Antibottom Quarks,Strange and Charm quarks. Their mass weighs in at a hefty 5.2 GeV and they live for a only 0.000000000012 second before decaying. Available in 4 choices:

B0 Meson
B+ Meson
Charmed B Meson
Strange B Meson

Or choose them all!

B Mesons are a heavyweight particle plush but also come in a lightweight shipping saver version which is especially nice if you live outside the U.S. So if you prefer it to be filled with lightweight stuffing, just choose that option at checkout and it will only weigh in at 2 oz. Of course you won't get the full effect of its B Meson massive weightiness but it will be the same in every other way.

Approximately 10 oz (280 gm); 4.5 inches (11 cm) across.
For ages 5 and up as it contains glued-on/small parts.