Antiparticle 14-pack

The Particle Zoo


You won't be antisocial is you want only the antiparticles: Antiproton, Antineutron, Positron, Antimuon, Antitau, Antiup quark, Antidown quark, Antistrange quark, Anticharm quark, Antibottom quark, Antitop quark, Electron-antineutrino, Muon-antineutrino, Tau-antineutrino.

Approximately 4.5 lb (2 kg).
For ages 5 and up as it contains glued-on/small parts.

The Antiparticle 14-pack is available in a lightweight shipping saver version which is especially nice if you live outside the U.S. All 14 plushes will be filled with lightweight stuffing. Of course you won't get the full effect of their varying weightiness, but they will be the same in every other way.