News Archive 2013-2016

1 July 2016
We moved to Joshua Tree! The 300 sq foot apartment/studio in Los Angeles just wasn't cutting it anymore. After 8 years of trying to work and live in one tiny room (yes, ONE ROOM!!), I made the plunge and got a house with sunny studio room in a semi-rural area 2 hours outside of Los Angeles. Perfect for conjuring up exciting new products for YOU!
October 2015
I have a new side store called Fabric of Spacetime. I will be selling astrophysics and astronomy themed toys there. Stay tuned!
1 January 2014
I finally created a Particle Zoo Facebook page and Instagram!
25 June 2013
The news today is that I am updating the news after 3 years of neglecting to do so!
The Particle Zoo has partnered up with to bring you particle-shaped reflectors.