Gallery: Nobel Laureates

July 2008
The Particle Zoo in the hands of the Nobel laureates in Physics

Thanks to James Gillies and the other nice people at CERN, the particles traveled to Lindau, Germany in early July 2008 to be presented to the Nobel laureates in physics at the annual conference of Nobel Prize Winners. The particles were greatly honored to be in the hands of the men who shaped much of what we know about the universe today:

Dr. David Gross, 2004 Nobel winner in physics for the asymptotic freedom of quarks and strong color charge, got a gluon. I've been a of fan of David Gross ever since I watched this great lecture entitled "The Coming Revolutions in Theoretical Physics."
• Dr. George Smoot, 2006 Nobel winner in physics for cosmic background radiation, got a photon.
• Dr. Gerard 't Hooft, 1999 Nobel prize winner in physics for electroweak interactions, got a Higgs boson.