Universe-in-a-Box 22-piece Set

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The UNIVERSE-IN-A-BOX 22-PIECE SET contains all the particles from the Standard Model plus four Theoreticals and Two nucleons, for a total of 22 particles, covering most of the known universe. These miniature particles are replicas of the “regular” particle plushies but are about one-third the size. They fit neatly in a reuseable, sturdy, black cardboard box and the set includes a 24-page mini-booklet explaining each particle’s properties, stats and fun facts.

Set of 22 handmade particles includes: Mini Up Quark, Mini Down Quark, Mini Strange Quark, Mini Charm Quark, Mini Bottom Quark, Mini Top Quark, Mini Electron, Mini Muon, Mini Tau, Mini Electron-neutrino, Mini Muon-neutrino, Mini Tau-neutrino, Mini Photon, Mini Gluon, Mini W Boson, Mini Z Boson, Mini Proton, Mini Neutron, Mini Graviton, Mini Higgs Boson, Mini Dark Matter, Mini Tachyon.

Weight: 4 lb (1.75 kg)

Lightweight Shipping Saver: This product contains heavyweight particles but also comes in a lightweight shipping saver version which is especially nice if you live outside the U.S. So if you prefer them all to be filled with lightweight stuffing, just choose that option at checkout. Of course you won't get the full effect of the weight variations but they will be the same in every other way.

Box: 12.5” x 9” x 3” (32 x 23 x 8 cm). Booklet: 4” square (10 cm).
Felt, fleece, vinyl. 100% handmade.

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