Beta-Decay Set with mini Particles

The Particle Zoo


BIG BETA-DECAY zip-up particle with removable mini particles inside: W- Boson, Antineutrino and Electron. The Neutron unzips to reveal 3 mini particles. To illustrate the beta decay process, remove the mini particles and turn the neutron inside out to reveal a Proton! The reversible zipper makes it possible to transform on particle into another. Turn it back into a neutron to start all over again. You might want to toss the mini W- Boson over your shoulder quickly, as its weak force interaction technically lasts a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a second.

Watch demo video here:





Approximately 10 oz (283 gm); 7.5 inches across (22 cm). Felt, fleece, gravel. 100% handmade. Zipper color may vary. Mini particles stuffed with poly-fil and gravel for minimum and maximum mass.