SUSY particles

The Particle Zoo



I was going to offer particle plushies which were larger and heavier than the regular squishies to include the as-yet-unobserved supersymmetric partners: the wino, zino, photino, Higgsino, selectron, stop quark and so on. However, these would be prohibitively expensive to ship overseas and given the small amount of requests, I decided to do the following:
If you would like any or all of the SUSY particles, I will make them the same size as the regular particles, but fill them with gravel to represent their enormous mass. This means the heavier particles like the Higgs, top quark, etc., would be identical except for the tag. If you wanted to use the plushies to demonstrate the difference in mass between SUSY particles and the standard model particles, I would suggest ordering the "Universe-in-a-Box" to represent standard particles. They are 1/3 size and so the "regular" particles will be large next to them. Please email me at if you would like to order any SUSY particles.